(playful guitar music) – Hey guys, it's Abbyfrom Twist Me Pretty, and I am back with CGHtoday to share with you how to do these tworeally cute hairstyles.

One's a little bit more fancy looking, and one's a cute ponytail, so I hope you guys enjoy this video.

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I'm starting with a centerpart and then taking a small section of hairand dividing it into three and braiding the outerstrands under the middle.

This is your basic Dutch braid.

And then after a stitch,go ahead and just add in new sections of hair on eachside before braiding them under the middle.

And I love the Dutch braid,because the braid really pops and it just looks so pretty pancaked.

So we're going to goahead and wrap this braid all the way around into the back.

And when you get to the center-ish, you're going to go aheadand just finish it off with a regular three-strand braid.

And then I'm just using a clipto kind of tie that braid off and then I'm going to repeat these steps onto the other side.

(playful guitar music) When you get to this point, go ahead and massagethe braid a little bit so it looks nice and full, and then add the braid to your clip and pancake if you like on the other side.

And now all we're gonna do is combine the two braids with a couple bobby pins.

You want to make sure you'reusing tight bobby pins or it might not hold as well.

I get mine from Sally's Beauty Supply, and then just release the clip.

And I just separate thetails into three new sections and braid the remaining lengthof hair, and then tie it off with a clear elastic.

(playful guitar music) To secure the sections one more time, you can go ahead and use another bobby pin and there you have it! A really cute, Dutch braided hair style.

And then my personalfavorite is to throw it up into a ponytail.

(playful guitar music) Release the elastic andthen spray the ponytail so it's got some nicetexture and you are done.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

These are definitely some ofmy very favorite hairstyles that I wear all the time.

If you want to see morevideos that I created, make sure to come check out my channel, it's twist me pretty.

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And we'll see you guys in a couple weeks for a new tutorial.

Bye guys!.

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