Fashion Tips for Your 30s : Winter Coats for Women’s Fashion


I'm Terri Turco with Expert Village andthis segment is for women building their wardrobe over thirty.

Now if you're over thirty, warmclimate, cold climate, you've got to have at least one winter coat because maybe you'lltravel.

Maybe you'll leave Hawaii some day.

So here's the scoop on winter coats.

If youare living in a warm climate, and only have one coat, make sure you buy a classic shape.

A classic shape in a solid color is always a good way to go.

Now this is a camel haircoat in your basic wrap style.

This is about as classic as it gets.

I've had this coatfor twenty years.

It's never gone out of style.

Okay, you can do it with different belts.

Wrap it up, wrap it down and it would look great.

Okay, I also have it in purple as awrap coat, but if you want to delve into other vistas and have something with a little bitof blink to it, this is a sheering coat.

And this, as you see, is still a very simple style.

Not a lot of attachments.

Just the basic shearling and suede.

Really simple lines.

Okay, that'sgoing to look good on just about everybody.

Now, a couple notes on a winter coat and whatto look for.

Number one, try to buy the best fabric you can.

This is cashmere.

You can'tget better than cashmere.

The first words in cashmere are cash and there's a reasonfor that.

But, it really wears well and it keeps you really warm and did you know thatcashmere actually keeps you warm in the winter and it has a cooling effect that dependingon what your body temperature is you can either cool down or warm up because that's what cashmeredoes.

The fibers really breath.

Another thing about a winter coat, it absolutely has tobe lined.

Okay, and usually they do it with a thermal lining.

That is a lining that hassome felt on the back of it and it really makes it a lot warmer.

Now this is a reallygood wrap jacket that's why it's got these strings here.

But you're also going to wantto check of course the stitching, the length.

I've always said that the best length is rightabove the knee.

This one's a little bit longer because I was using it for pants when I wasliving in the Mid-West and it was really, it really saved me because when you're coldyou're cold all over.

Now, also look at the stitching.

If it has a lapel, the lapel shouldgo straight.

If it has stitching, you should check that stitching and make sure it's perfect.

Make sure that if you're spending this kind of money, that it's really made well.

Whatyou also want to do is if it is too long in the sleeves, but it fits you in the shoulders,shoulders are an area that is really hard to alter.

That's going to cost you more money.

But it fits you in the shoulder and is long in the sleeve, sleeves are a cinch.

That'snot going to cost you a lot of money.

So that's just a good alteration tip.

And remember,if it's too long, you can always hem it.

But if it's too short, you're pretty much stuck.

Okay, so when buying a winter coat, just buy the best quality you can, preferably in asolid fabric, and in something really classic.

You'll have it forever.

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Fashion Tips for Your 30s : Winter Coats for Women’s Fashion


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