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I'm Rosie Pope, a Contributing Editor to ParentsMagazine and today, I'm here to solve some of your pregnancy style dilemmas.

I oftenget asked by pregnant women, what do we do when I drop food on my bump, which is surprisinglycommon.

So, the first thing I always tell them is to try and go for a very busy print.

Not only a print really beautiful on pregnant woman because the optical illusion makes youlook smaller.

But they also disguise stains.

Second of all, we have a lot of customersthat are looking for clothes that last while their pregnant and after.

The mistake is togo for black.

Black shows up spit-up and you will [unk] the stains.

So, I always tell peopleto look for some really great ivory styles because they'll work before, during and after.

One of the big misconceptions about dressing when your pregnant is to wear tight clothesearly on and loose clothes as you get bigger.

But actually, when you wear tight clothesearly on even you don't have a big bump, so it doesn't look that flattering and likewise,when you wear loose clothes when you're a lot bigger, it just makes you look a lot bigger.

I always tell people to wear nice and loose clothes early on so they can be flatteringand easy going around the growing bump and then much tighter clothes later on when youhave really bump and new curves to show up.

I wanna tell you the things that you needto look for in a diaper bag.

First thing is it does not need to look like a diaper bag.

This is one that I designed.

It's called the London Shopper and it looks like a no bagthat you're going to carry instead of having little bunnies and animals on.

When you openit up, it should definitely have a changing mat so you can change your baby while you'reon the run.

The interior should be waterproof and washable for all those leaks that youmight get from the bottles.

And then last but not that least item is there should beso many pockets and zippers so you can keep all those bottles and wipes and diapers andeverything really nice and secure.

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Maternity Fashion — Rosie Pope’s Style Tips | Parents


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