The Hairstyle Challenge!

Hi guys it's Jordan and today I am here with Wednesday Adams Just kidding.

It is Audrey.

Check out her channel.

The link is down below AllAroundAudrey to find out why she is dressed like this.

Today we are going to be doing the hairstyle challenge.

We are going to put a twist to this and do it Halloween themed so we draw out a paper and we pick out an item that we have to put in our hair.

At the we have to see whose hairstyle looks better.

Thank you to BrookieXHearts for suggesting this video.

I can't open it.

Candy corn ribbon Is this the candy corn ribbon? no it's this I got candy corn ribbon.

I got vampire fangs You're suppose to put that in your hair? accentuating braid added some things to the botttom of my braids I added fangs.

along with a braid so scared of what I'm going to get Jelly bracelets In your hair? I got orange pipe cleaners.

oh thats easy.


oh, to add to the cuteness.


I thought it said hairspray.

I was, like, no! I think I look pretty good.

I could probably go out shopping.

I actually want the headband.

It will just add accentuating.

Skeleton Glowing Cockroach I got a skeleton Barbed wire Magenta Hairspray Yes! Yes! I was not wanting to get that one.

I want to do it on the tips of my hair.

This is the last round.

Monster headband.

Candy Bar barrettes.

These are our final looks.

I have to, like, bend down to get my little alien things in here.

Make sure you comment down below who you think won.

Alright guys, so that is it for today.

Make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe Also, be sure to check out all of our social media at AllAroundAudrey and JustJordan33 and we will see you guys next week.



The Hairstyle Challenge!


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